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So you've finally decided to get yourself an electronic dartboard. You've been working so hard, and you've waited so long… and now, you're giving yourself a treat by adding a masterpiece to your game room! 

Getting an electronic dartboard is not peanuts. You’ll be shelling out money for this, so you might as well get the *best* one out there, right? 

The question is, what is the best electronic dartboard out there?

A dart in the bulls eye of a dartboard
Photo by PEIWEN HE on Unsplash

The 'Best' Electronic Home Dartboard Depends on Your Needs

Two of our top-of-the-line electronic dartboards are the Spider 360 2000 Series Electric Home Dartboard and the Shelti Eye2 Electronic Home Dart Machine.  

Both of them are designed for enthusiasts and constructed with the highest-quality craftsmanship. However, choosing between the Shelti Eye 2 and the Spider 360 2000 is really up to you and your needs.  

Think of buying an electronic dartboard like you're buying a car. Aside from the price, you'd also consider other factors, such as how you plan to use it. If you’re looking for a family car, you’d think about buying a station wagon. If you’re always going on off-road trips, then a pickup truck or SUV may be better for you. 

The point is, when getting the best electronic dartboard, ask yourself… 

  • Do I want to play darts casually or competitively?

  • Do I care about my global ranking, or am I content in just playing offline with friends?

  • Am I particular with the visual or aesthetic quality of my dartboard? 

Now that you've answered these questions, let's dive into each one! 

Spider 360 2000 Series Electronic Home Dartboard

Are you a super-competitive dart thrower? Do you want to challenge your dart skills by pitting your chops against players worldwide?

If you want to take darts to the next level, you need cutting-edge connectivity and artificial intelligence (“AI”). You need the Spider 360 2000 Series Home Electronic Dartboard.

The Spider 360 2000 lets you connect to The Leaderboard™, an online global-ranking system based on your skill level, by tracking your Marks Per Round (“MPR”) or Points Per Dart (“PPD”). You can move up the ranks and see your name displayed on the game console itself and on the mobile app!

Leaderboard interface on the Spider 360 2000 Series Electronic Home Dartboard

Photo from 

Speaking of climbing up the Leaderboard™, you can train competitively with MarkDart. It's an AI system included in the Spider 360 2000 that can match your skill level. You can go head-to-head against MarkDart or include it as an additional player when you’re playing with friends.

This award-winning electronic home dartboard also has an impact-resistant cabinet, putting it on par with commercial boards that are used in entertainment businesses all over the world. 

Specifications & Features
Spider 360 2000 Series Home Electronic Dartboard

  • Large 19-inch LCD flat-screen monitor

  • Regulation-size 15-inch target area

  • The Leaderboard™ online global ranking system

  • MarkDart AI computer

  • Lightweight & Impact Resistant Cabinet

  • Tri-color LED illumination

  • Auto and manual player change

  • Multiple player options

  • A camera that works with the Leaderboard™

  • Advanced scoring options

With its fancy LED displays and high-tech features, the Spider 360 2000 is the ultimate show stopper.

And hailed as the “official dartboard of champions,” it’s undeniably one of the most professional-level, sought-after pieces in the business.

If darts is more than a casual affair for you - if you want to compete with other players from around the world - you need the Spider 360 2000...

Shelti Eye2 Electronic Home Dart Machine


Product image of the Shelti Eye2 Electronic Home Dart Machine

When it comes to electronic dartboards, the Shelti Eye2 Electronic Home Dart Machine is an icon. It's simple, straightforward, and it does the job amazingly.

Specifications & Features:
Shelti Eye2 Home Electronic Dartboard

  • Regulation-size 15.5-inch target area

  • Large LCD display for convenient scorekeeping

  • Safety feature that protects walls and furniture

  • Compact design for those with limited space

  • Folds up for easy portability

  • Universal 110 Volt Light Fixture

  • Highly-Visible Overhead Scoring

  • Tavern-Tested T60/30 Target

  • Phone-Style Keypad and LCD Menu Operation

  • Storage Access Door

  • Auto and Manual Player Change

  • Multiple Games and Game Options

  • Advanced scoring options 

The Shelti Eye2 is the perfect way to share the playing experience and performance of a commercial-grade dartboard with friends and family… right in your own home.

A man throwing a dart

Photo by RichFL from Pixabay 


Shelti Eye2 Electronic Home Dart Machine vs. Spider 360 2000 Series Electronic Home Dartboard


Shelti Eye2 Electronic Home Dart Machine

Spider 360 2000 Series Electronic Home Dartboard

Dimensions Height: Full 86 in.
Folded: 45 in.
Base: 24 in. x 24 ½ in.

Height: 83.5 in.
Base: 18.5 in. x 27 in

Boxed Dimensions: 40x 30 x 45 in

Weight Ship Weight: 200 pounds Weight: 130 pounds
Ship Weight: 140 pounds
Target Area

Regulation-size 15.5-in. target area

Tavern-Tested T60/30 Target

Hinged target design enables easy access to the matrix and segments from the front of the game

Interchangeable with optional 4-color and international size targets

Regulation-size 15-in. target area
Scoring Display

Highly visible overhead scoring

Forward facing and tipped at 8 degrees for easy-to-see viewing for both players and spectators

19-inch LCD flat-screen monitor
Navigation Phone-Style Keypad and LCD Menu Operation (Backlit LCD and 3-button menu enhance setup and statistics reporting) Buttons on the right side of the LCD flat-screen monitor
Lighting Universal 110 Volt Light Fixture Tri-color LED illumination that eliminates all shadows, with eye-catching visual effects
Build & Design Hinged ¾" plywood cabinet design makes the game easy to set up, break down and transport

Impact-Resistant Cabinet

Commercial-grade product made with a Roto-Molded Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) Cabinet. Light yet durable

Advanced Scoring Options YES ✅


  • Tracks Marks Per Rounds (MPR) or Points Per Dart (PPD)
Multiple Game Options


  • Includes "old favorites" like "01" games, Cricket, Hi Score games and popular Wipe Out, You Pick It and Cut Throat options. Also features fun, speed-based games like Rapid Fire.


  • 40+ game options, including 6 types of X01 with all standard Opening and Closing options; 6 different variants of Cricket; 8 nonstandard fun games based on the commercial Galaxy 3 games; Auto or Manual player options; Single or double bull option, 25/50
Multiple Player Options
Auto & Manual Player Change


  • Programmable, including delay timers for automatic and manual player change. New electronic player change button features no moving part
Connectivity NO ❌ YES ✅
NO ❌
AI Computer
NO ❌
Financing Options

Conclusion: Which Electronic Dartboard Will You Choose?

If you’re looking for a quiet evening at home… chucking some darts at a board for some stress relief after work or a lighthearted round of friendly competition between friends… then go with either the Shelti Eye 2 and the Spider 360 2000. They both offer a top-of-the-line experience with multiple pre-programmed games, overhead scoring, dart storage, and easy maneuverability.

If you’re looking for more of a challenge, go with the Spider 360 2000 Series so you can not only enjoy eye-catching visuals and AI game play, but also test your mettle against other enthusiasts all around the globe. 

Either way, you can’t go wrong with these superior dartboards.


Still Not Sure Which Dartboard Is Right for You? Call us!

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Just tell us a little more about what’s important to you, and we’ll give you the lowdown on which pieces will look best in your space, offer the game play experience you’re looking for, and - of course - stay within your budget! 

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