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Official Foosball Rules - How to Play

Official Foosball Rules - How to Play

Game Room Shop Blog - Official Foosball Rules - How to Play Foosball

If we, as a species, learned anything from the 1990s, it’s that foosball tables are forever.

The TV show Friends had an indelible influence on pop culture during its 10-year run. But in my mind, one of the most sentimental takeaways from the series is how a simple object, like Joey and Chandler’s foosball table, can have such an impact on a friendship.

In Season 1, Joey and Chandler’s kitchen table broke. They couldn’t agree on a new one, so they decided to simply eat their meals over the sink and buy a foosball table instead (a choice we fully support at Game Room Shop!). From then on, that table was one of the few constants in their apartment for the next 10 years...

They played the game to bond on lazy days. They played the game to apologize for hurting each other. They played the game as fierce rivalry. And, in the series finale, they played the game to say goodbye.

That’s the message we believe in at Game Room Shop… Table games are more than talking points. They’re not extravagant luxuries. They’re a way to come together as friends and family… to unplug from our hectic lives... and to connect over an interpersonal experience that transcends race, class, or religion.

But they’re even more than that… These games sharpen the mind, build social skills, teach friendly competition, and even increase reflexes and coordination.  

And for us, table games are, first and foremost, the best way to spend a lunch break!

When there’s a foosball table around, our motto is: Rules be damned! However, if you’re a stickler for that kind of thing, read on...

Official Foosball Rules

Just like there is no official, universal style of foosball table… There is also no established set of rules. Everyone plays differently. But the following are nearly always accepted...

  1. Pick which player “serves” the ball. (Often decided by a coin toss.)
  2. Serve the ball through a slot at the side of the table or simply place it in the center of the table.
  3. Manipulate your team’s players to kick the ball into the opposing goal.
  4. In the event of a “dead ball” - when the ball is in a position where no player can reach it - the person who served last, reserves.

Some people view “over 360-degree shots” or “spinning” shots as illegal. That’s when you use the palm of your hand to swiftly spin the rotating bar of players around quickly instead of using small wrist strokes to gently kick the ball. However, the annual World Championships and the World Cup permit two full 360-degree rotations per game.

The game is over when someone scores a predetermined number of goals - typically best out of nine… which is the first team to five goals.

Foosball is a simple, fast-paced, and fun game to play. Whether you're new to the game or a seasoned pro, all you need is a quick eye… an easy laugh… table... a friend... and hours to waste.

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