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Foosball Table Buyer's Guide

By Game Room Shop November 15, 2018 0 comments

Foosball is more than just a game. It's art – the art of concentration, strategy, and quick reaction. It will keep you on the edge... heart thumping, mind racing... long after the match is over.

A foosball table is the focal point of any game room. (Or, heck, of any tiny NYC dining room!) But before you take the plunge, make sure you're getting a high-quality table that will stand up to some tough wear and tear... 

What Do You Need To Know Before You Get A Foosball Table? 


The Material Of A Foosball Table 

If you bruise like a peach, stay away from the foosball table! People get so into this game, they don't even know their own strength... We've actually seen someone grab for a playing rod with such force, they shoved the entire table a full foot to the left. That was not a good table. 

A good-quality foosball table should be heavy, stable, and made of durable materials. The best tables are made of wood, but they are on the higher end of the budget. If you have a more modest budget, you can go with the second-best thing – durable PVC or MDF in a combination with metal. Don't go with shallow PVC and tables that are wobbly. A good foosball table mustn't move an inch during the match. 

The Size Of A Foosball Table 

There are two main types of a foosball table – a full-sized model and a tabletop version. A full-sized model is the one used in Foosball Tournaments. It measures 30 inches wide x 56 inches long x 36 inches tall. Those exact dimensions are standard, though you can find slightly smaller models (but still full-sized) on the market so you can adjust the table to the amount of free space you have. 

Tabletop foosball is much smaller than the full-sized model. It doesn't have legs, and it is mostly made for kids. The tabletop doesn't come with regulation dimensions, so you can explore the different options on the market and choose the one that fits your space the best. They can be as big as the full-sized foosball tables or as small as an iPad. 

The Player's Configuration 

Now, I want to talk about the part of the foosball table where the action happens – the playing field. There are two types of player's configurations on the field: the one-man goalie configuration and the three-man goalie configuration. 

The one-man goalie configuration has only one player on the last rod, right in front of the goal. And the three-man goalie configuration has – you guessed it, Sherlock – three players on the same rod. The three-man goalie configuration is made for a fast-paced game and it is better for more players. The one-man goalie configuration is made for more experienced players because you can do tricks and develop strategies on the field.

Foosball Table Players 

Once you decide on the goalie configuration, it's time to look into player design. There are two styles of player pieces. You're probably most familiar with the traditional figures. They look like little men with uniforms. Their feet are round, which allows little control of the ball. Their round feet make it hard to aim properly; they can kick the ball in any direction. Experienced players who want control to perform tricks should opt for robotic figures. These are not designed to look like people. They're simply plastic pieces with a big, rectangular foot. Makes it harder to imagine you're playing soccer in the FIFA World Cup, but you will become a much more exacting foosball player. 

If you're just looking to have fun with your friends, go with a three-man configuration and traditional players. If you're looking to seriously hone your skills, go with a one-man configuration and robotic players. 

Keep An Eye On The Details 

Game tables are complex and filled with features that can improve your experience. One of the details that people don't think about (and they should) is the playing field. Every playing field has some marks on it, you just have to make sure that they aren't stickers. Only invest in a table with screen-printed graphics. Stickers will peel off, stand up, and interfere with the direction of the ball. 

Stability of the table is important for the same reason. Every good foosball table should come with leg levelers that keep the playing surface 100% level. Leg levelers are simple and cheap features, which makes them a very popular part of a foosball table. 

Learn More About Foosball Table Brands 

There are many different brands on the market, but there are a few that stand out from the crowd. For example, Tornado foosball tables are the most popular tables in the USA. They are also the official brand of most foosball tournaments. Kick foosball tables provide great price-quality ratio. And RS Barcelona makes the most unique foosball tables on the market. Pick your brand based on performance, price, style, and goals. 

There's a perfect table for everyone. And we're here to help you find it. Contact us with any questions here.

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